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Voli breach vs Riven (Part 2) (Triforce/Titanic)

NEW Voli vs Riven - Patch 13.9

So it's important to itemize correctly, you can't always just go rift > nashors unless you know what you're doing, we go tri > titanic to get the waveclear against the riven. If you take those early plates, get the gold lead, become an unstoppable monster, they're going to have to send the squad to stop you, and when you time your breach when there's objectives up like Baron/Dragon, the enemy team have to make a choice, either send someone yolked to stop you, or give up their towers, and as you can see, they made the wrong choice. Kills do not matter, it's all about the breach baby.

Breach Voli vs Gragas

NEW Voli vs Gragas - Patch 13.9

With this build (Rift > Nashors > Hullbreaker) especially when you're playing voli in a solo lane, even if our team was feeding, the pressure you can put on the map where they need to send the whole squad is unreal. You can see with the 2nd rift how we can maximize the Rift's breaching potential by tanking shots to keep it alive until the nexus. Take a look at the objectives on the map and look to breach on the opposite side to give your team a better chance when it comes to taking other objectives.

Rift > Nashors Voli = life

NEW - Voli vs Shen - Patch 13.9

It doesn't matter if you die a few times early, once you hit your items, your wave clear & damage is just disgusting, so when you have a shen who doesn't build tiamat, it doesn't matter how rough your laning phase is, we still stay ahead in CS but overall, you have to make the right decisions. Especially when your team has the advantage of being ahead, don't throw your lead by trying to seige mid to the nexus, work the other lanes & you'll see how easy it is to close out the game.

Proxydyr vs Gwen

Udyr vs Gwen - Patch 13.7

Even though we get ahead early, sometimes champs do be broken, so it can be better to proxy, waste the enemy's time to relieve some pressure across the map, and overall just make the enemy team struggle some more. We go Ravenous first item then build triforce, and after that can be situational items.

Piss-lo games are too easy – TigerDyr

Udyr vs Yone - Patch 13.7

We're playing on a piss-lo account, going ravenous hydra, the lane is over before 6-7 minutes, when you get this decision making down to a T, you'll see how easy it is to climb out of this dog sht elo, when you take all the plates & proxy, deny the enemy laner their exp, waste their time chasing you, and it's an easy 5 vs 4.

Press the Attack Voli vs Darius

Voli vs Darius - Patch 13.7

Look how much a difference the early game makes when playing against a Darius, you've always got options, keep an eye on your map and go ahead and proxy where you can. Once you get your early game on point, you'll find laning so much easier.

Udyr Triforce vs Gwen

Udyr vs 1 trick Gwen - Patch 13.7

Watch me dominate the Gwen, I talk a bit about runes, matchups, and gameplay. if you can understand what I did in this lane, you know what the rune setup that I ran when to go in when to go out it really doesn't matter whether you're stuck in piss-lo, you can improve so goddamn fast.

Udyr Grasp vs Riven

Udyr vs Riven - Patch 13.7

You can see how easy it is to dominate against a riven using grasp and how you can capitalize of the enemy's mistakes when they're clowning fiesta-ing just like when they're fighting around 3rd drake, easy breaching.

Udyr Triforce > Ravenous Hydra build

Udyr vs Tryndamere - Patch 13.7

This is a great build when you're up against an obnoxious melee champ like Tryndamere. The triforce into ravenous hydra really helps with wave clear so if the enemy takes an early inhibitor you're covered. You can also push out lanes a lot quicker which gives you the opportunity to either breach or group around your team for objective fights

How to play when your team is struggling

Udyr vs Yorick - Patch 13.7

You can easily carry the game when your team is behind, check the gold lead on the enemy team. This is in lower elo so this can help you guys struggling down there in elo hell

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