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NEW Season 13 Udyr – Understanding the Game

Udyr Vs Illaoi - Patch 13.5

We've got Season 13 Content! We're going to be learning & understanding the game! A bit of basics, but there'll be more in-depth content coming soon to help you guys in piss-low learn how to breach in S13!

How to Make the Most Out of the Enemy Laner’s Mistakes

Udyr vs Camille - Patch 12.22

You can see that it doesn't matter if the Enemy Top laner picks up a few extra kills, if you farm right, learn how to proxy and don't waste time, you can still build a lead and dominate the Enemy Team.

How to Proxy-Dyr

Udyr vs Mordekaiser - Patch 12.22

So when you're against a mana-less dog Top, early game is a bit of a struggle. If you build your AP item first so you can wave clear effectively, then picking the right time to proxy will put so much pressure on the enemy team, you can see the effect it has around the map when you're in the enemy base.

Dominating the Game With Volibear

Volibear vs Warwick - Patch 12.22

In this game I'll show you how to play Volibear MyWay and just make the Enemy Top Laner useless. You can build into an absolute beast with Divine as your damage item, or even Heartsteel/ any one of the burn items, sit on the enemy team and just dominate.

Learn How to Play When You’re Behind to Help Your Team

Udyr vs Darius - Patch 12.22

In this game we look at what we could have done better after getting rolled by the enemy Top laner. You won't win them all but you can always learn how to still be useful to your team, to not just end up being a bag of rocks making it more difficult to win. We focus on farming up, not making silly mistakes and still remaining relevant even if you're down bad.

How to Use Your Lead to Win When Team is Feeding

Udyr vs Yone - Patch 12.21

In this game I duo with Elise, my jungler, and show you how to properly funnel resources into top lane to win a game that would otherwise be lost. Elise gives me heralds and red buff so I can maintain my lead and control and we close out the game by outsmarting the enemy and not team deathmatching.

How to Grow Your Lead Early & Close Out the Game

Volibear vs Shen – Patch 12.21

Learning how to play vs Shen can be rough. I get an early lead this game and show you how to convert that momentum into closing out a game and not letting the other team catch up.

How to Pressure the Map and Waste the Enemy’s Time

Udyr vs Camille - Patch 12.21

Some games may seem unwinnable. In this video I show you how to pressure key points of the map at the best times to stall out the enemy's lead and waste their time. We are then able to stabilize and close out the game successfully.

Using your Lead to Open Up the Map

Udyr vs K'Sante -Patch 12.21

Udyr does well vs other tanks, but we were also vs a Yuumi. In cases like this you have to learn to take risks and pressure early to secure the late game.

Capitalizing on Your Lead to Close Games

Udyr vs Shen / Yuumi / Jinx - Patch 12.21

In this video I lane vs Shen and get ahead early. When you have a gold and lane lead early it's important to know how to use it to win. The Yuumi + Jinx combo was annoying but when you manage your resources correctly you can beat any match up.

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